The Royal Society of St George Kolkata

About Project Haven

Project Haven aims to offer a haven and a new life to children who were previously living in challenging circumstances and were at risk of malnutrition, drug addiction and abuse. Most of our children had no access to education and lacked the love, support and stability of a family home. We strive to give these children a new beginning, a brighter future and to help them claim back their childhoods in a safe, secure and loving environment.


Our long stay home is in a rented building located in the Picnic gardens area of the city and currently caters for eight children. It has good access to local schools and recreational space. It contains a spacious classroom, as well as a dormitory with bunk beds, recreational/TV room, computer room; kitchen, two bathrooms; sick bay and counselling room; and accommodation for the two housemothers.


The girls are provided with three nutritious meals every day. They also receive new clothes twice a year, particularly during festivals. We provide medical treatment and have links with the local Chittaranjan Hospital. We also have a list of medical practitioners including a general physician, a gynaecologist and a sychologist/counsellor, all of whom extend their services for free. Education is our primary goal. Once the girls arrive at the home, needs-based literacy and numeracy tuition begins. Then, when ready, each girl takes the entrance exam for Ballygunge Park Day School where full-time mainstream education begins. We provide all educational and vocational materials: books, pens, pencils, paper, exercise/drawing books etc. Moral training is also very important. The home has a set of home rules which the girls must adhere to and we use a reward system to encourage good behaviour. Withdrawal of privileges is used to discipline the children when necessary.


Educational tours are arranged to museums, buildings of historical interest and art galleries etc for the children to increase their interest in education.


We have achieved a lot since 2007

• All children now attend Ballygunge Park Day School

• Three girls came top of the year four years in a row 2009 - 2012

• Four girls have passed Grade 1 exams at the Calcutta School of Music

• Improved literacy and numeracy

• A sense of sisterhood and social responsibility